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Marine technologies Ltd was founded in 1998. Originally the company was manned by former specialists of YANTAR shipbuilding yard in Kaliningrad (engineers who used to work in molding loft, hull assembly workshops, technological and engineering departments) . On a later stage our company attracted engineers from other Kaliningrad firms and mostly graduates of Shipbuilding faculty of Kaliningrad Technical University. At present our engineering team uses two legal names Marine Technologies Ltd and Martecs Ltd. Company MARTECS was founded in 2005 especially to serve clients using NUPAS and CADMATIC software.


"Marine Technologies"/"Martecs" is an Engineering office, offering development of engineering package for shipbuilding with following range of services:
  1. 3-D modeling and fairing of the ships surfaces
  2. Classification calculations and design of ship structures, distributed systems and pipelines
  3. 3-D modeling and lofting of hull structures and multi-object compartments, such as engine rooms
  4. Workshop drawings and production information for cutting, bending of hull parts and for assembly of ship hulls and superstructures
  5. 3-D tracing, workshop drawings and production information for manufacturing of pipelines and systems and for assembly onboard the ship
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"Marine Technologies"/"Martecs" is a team of professional Designers, Engineers, and Naval Architects, having experience of working on a shipbuilding yards and in design bureaus and consequently, on the one hand, having complete knowledge about organization of ship-building process, and with another - having up-to-date software and know-how, invoked to improve efficiency of ship-building yard.
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"Marine Technologies"/"Martecs" occupies three-storey house close to the center of Kaliningrad renewed for the purposes of engineering office. Our computer facilities represent modern CAD workstations connected through a high speed network with a central data server. The integrity of the data is provided by back-up storage devices. High-speed easy-to-use communications means are provided for close connection with the customer via 24hs/day fast Internet connection/FTP.
All the documentation we deliver is tailored to the demands of the concrete customer - technology of the shipbuilding used on the Yard, type of NC-cutting machines, available at a factory, software used by these machines, form of the presentation of the information. In order to achieve this, latest versions of 3-D CAD software is used, namely:
  • AutoCAD
  • ShipConstructor
  • Rhino3D
  • NavisWorks
  • ShipCam
  • Orca3D
  • Nupas
  • Cadmatic
Marine Technologies also act as local representative of European reseller of ShipConstructor, ShipCam and Rhino3D. We would be pleased to answer any questions concerning these products. We also recommend to contact European reseller company NDAR directly.
Marine Technologies also develops special software of wide range of applications including interface programs for data transfer between various special CAD packages based on AutoCAD and software packages based on other platforms.
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Our clients are shipyards, engineering offices and design bureaus from Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, France, Italy. "Marine Technologies"/"Martecs" are proud for having such clients, as:

Modern shipbuilding is characterized by high degree of integration, when number of companies from different countries take part in the construction of one ship. In line with this, it is a normal practice when ship hull (casco) is built in low-cost country and outfitted at west-European shipyard. Following instruction of clients, Marine Technologies have delivered production information to variety of more then 40 different shipyards, cutting and bending companies from Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, USA, etc. Always tailored to demands of particular production place.
Some of the companies who used information developed by Marine Technologies and Martecs:

Fassmer GmbH & Co.KG Germany EFS GmbH Germany
Abeking + Rasmussen GmbH Germany Maritim Shipyard Sp. z o. o. Poland
Ostseestaal GmbH Germany Stocznia Remontowa "NAUTA" SA Poland
Snijtech B.V. The Netherlands Ustka Shipyard SA Poland
Centraalstaal B.V. The Netherlands CRIST Spolka zo.o. Poland
Bodewes Scheepswerven B.V. The Netherlands Marine Projects Ltd. Spolka z o.o. Poland
Scheepswerf Peters B.V. The Netherlands Muhlhan Spolka z o.o. Poland
Eltinkss Scheeps- en Jachtwerf B.V. The Netherlands ODYS Stochnia Sp.z.o.o. Poland
Bayards Aluminum Constructies B.V. The Netherlands SLovenske Lodenice Komarno-Bratislava (SLKB) Slovakia
Wolfard & Wessels Werktuigbouw B.V. The Netherlands Leda Shipyard Croatia
Metalix B.V. The Netherlands Severnav S.A. Romania
Snijtechniek Brabant B.V. The Netherlands YANTAR Shipyard Russia
Damen Shipyards Hoogezand The Netherlands VL Hallmatic ( VT Group plc) Great Britan
Amels Holland B.V. The Netherlands CRN S.p.a. (Ferretti Group) Italy
G.BAGLIETTO Naval Steel SAS Italy Pendennis Shipyard Ltd. Great Britan
Trinity Yachts, LLC USA Derecktor Shipyards Inc. USA
Kingship Marine Ltd. Hong Kong Western Shipyard BLRT Group Lithuania
ATG Giurhiu Shipyard Romania Port Weller Dry Docks Canada

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We are clients-oriented company, meaning:
Our key objective is long-term partnership with our clients based on:
  • provision of excellent services in due time at client-friendly price
  • meeting individual requirements of each client regarding form of presentation and content of delivered information
  • establishment of fair and friendly relations with stuff of client
We are quality-oriented company, meaning:
Our key objective is maintaining of stable high quality of engineering services based on:
  • careful selection, training and support of our employees
  • development of system of internal cross-checkings for elimination of errors and mistakes
  • utilization of most powerful and up-to-date hardware and software for best result

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