Design services*:

  • Development and fairing of ship surfaces (NURBS) - example 1, 2;
  • Development of the 3D constructive solid model of ship's hull and superstructure, weight calculations - example;
  • Working-out 3D models of equipment and machinery and placing equipment models into 3D structure model - example 1, 2;
  • 3D tracing of pipelines, HVAC and cable traces, collisions and accessibility checking, connection to the equipment models - example 1, 2, 3;
  • Construction plans - example;
  • Shell expansion drawings - example 1, 2;
  • Workshop drawings of hull and superstructure - example;
  • 3D stage-by-stage assembly drawings - example;
  • Arrangement and layout drawings - example;
  • Coordination drawings for installation of the pipelines and systems on board - example;
  • Workshop drawings for manufacturing of elements of systems and pipelines (Spools) - example.
* All drawings are based on 3D modeling of construction and pipes 3D tracing.

Technological (production services)**:

  • Plate and profile parts definition in 3D model (as solid objects);
  • Expansion of curved parts of any complexity - example;
  • Stretch calculations for curved plates - example;
  • All kinds of bending information for plates and profiles (templates, sketches, splines, etc.) - example;
  • Nesting of plate and profile parts - example 1, 2;
  • Programs for NCcutting for all types of gas/plasma cutting machines, including automatic beveling and lines/text marking;
  • 3D Isometric sketches for pipes prefabrication - example;
  • Wide range of reports, part lists, specifications etc - example 1, 2, 3, 4.
** All formats of technological information can be adjusted to the specific requirements of particular customer or production place and to the features of production equipment.
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